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Typical capabilities our research partners can provide include a broad range of engineering consulting and research services, with expertise in materials testing, materials development and process development:

  • A range of engineering capabilities from materials characterisation to mechanical testing and design, through to aerospace and civil engineering expertise. Specialisation in nano-structured materials, with the knowledge required to take advantage of nano-structural manipulation of materials for large scale, application-specific tailoring of properties.

  • In-depth experience in modeling and stress analysis for components, mechanisms and production methods. This expertise crosses all of the materials boundaries (composites, ceramics, metals and polymers) and extends, in scale, from materials and materials interface investigation and manipulation to full production modeling and factory layout analysis.
  • Advanced surface analysis, both topographical and chemical, with the ability to discern surface properties down to the nano-metre scale. The capability to modify surfaces at the nano-scale, improving the properties of films, adhesion layers, and even assisting in the forensic sciences. Researchers can tailor surfaces to demonstrate a range of specific characteristics.

  • Advanced manufacturing techniques. These include development of rapid production using laser technology and non-contact measurement of surface contours.

  • A full suite of testing equipment for analysing engineering components, under a range of conditions and simulations.

We help businesses deliver on key elements for success including:

  • Developing a business case for research investment.

  • Establishing product and process needs.

  • Identifying technical research and development requirements.

  • Identifying and engaging the right research partners.

  • Designing and managing research projects.

  • Technology development and IP management.