An engagement ring or piece of jewellery you give as a gift doesn’t have to be new. While browsing the vast selection at an online or bricks and mortar jeweller is a memorable experience, there are other ways to provide the one you love with a special gift.

And there are few gifts as special as an antique heirloom from a since-passed family member. Antique jewellery, be it engagement rings or something else, always has a story that warms your heart and makes you wear it with pride.

In saying that, antique heirlooms also require a little more care, primarily because of their age. If you’re wondering how to care for antique rings or other jewellery, then read on for some helpful tips.

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It is easy to understand the ‘why’ when it comes to watering the plants in your garden. However, the ‘when’ and the ‘how’ are often the most misunderstood aspects of the practice of gardening. Landscapers Sydney say this can literally make or break your garden. Therefore, it is best to understand what reticulation practices are good, and what methods spell disaster.

Tackling the ‘when’ –

Truth be told, professional landscapers tell us that there is no right time or wrong time to water your plants. The ideal time depends on a number of factors such as the climatic conditions in the area concerned, the type of plants that need to be watered, the kind of soil they are planted in, and a number of other criteria. A little trick to work around this arbitrary situation is to check the soil.

The consistency required to determine if the time is right to water your patch is somewhere between moist and dry. The right balance has to be struck between these two states. The mud has to be moist enough to form a consistent ball in the fist of your hand, but also loose enough to fall apart when you drop it. If you have plants sheltered in a nursery, over time, you get better at determining just how heavy or how light the soil should be when it is adequately watered.

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