An engagement ring or piece of jewellery you give as a gift doesn’t have to be new. While browsing the vast selection at an online or bricks and mortar jeweller is a memorable experience, there are other ways to provide the one you love with a special gift.

And there are few gifts as special as an antique heirloom from a since-passed family member. Antique jewellery, be it engagement rings or something else, always has a story that warms your heart and makes you wear it with pride.

In saying that, antique heirlooms also require a little more care, primarily because of their age. If you’re wondering how to care for antique rings or other jewellery, then read on for some helpful tips.

#1 Be Careful with Everyday Tasks
When you wear an antique engagement ring or wedding ring, you want to show it off with pride. That can involve wearing it every day. Still, some jobs may require you to take it off to preserve its condition.

Never exercise while wearing an antique heirloom. Dirt, sweat, and wear and tear can all take its toll. If you are using harsh chemicals or cleaning your home, remove your antique jewellery for these tasks too. Some chemicals can react with metal.

#2 Store Safely
You might not think that how you store your antique jewellery matters, but it does. Humidity, cold, and sunlight can all damage antique metals. Instead, pop it in a jewellery box when you’re not wearing it.

#3 Rely on Professionals for Cleaning
You may believe that you can clean your antique jewellery yourself, given that you clean your other jewellery yourself. However, a little more care is required. For example, modern chemicals can damage and discolour older pieces.

Even everyday jewellery cleaners and saltwater can be damaging. Expert jewellers are gentle with antique heirlooms and know what products to use to keep them safe.

#4 Examine Them Often
When you wear antique jewellery every day, it can face the same wear and tear as your other pieces – but sometimes on a more dramatic scale. Get into the habit of examining your jewellery often. Look for bent prongs, loose stones, and contorted metal.

As soon as you notice it, you can get it fixed, which can be far more affordable than when it’s already broken or missing stones.

#5 Get Experts to Resize it
When you receive an antique engagement ring or a family heirloom, there’s no guarantee it’s going to fit. After all, it was sized for the original owner. So, always seek expert assistance with resizing. Unfortunately, not all rings will be suitable for resizing, but you don’t know until you ask. You can then have more confidence wearing a ring that’s not loose or ill-fitting.

Receiving new jewellery that your significant other has picked from a jeweller’s is memorable enough. However, acquiring an antique heirloom can be even more so. If you are the lucky recipient of such a piece, make sure you take care of it. Any of these tips above can surely be helpful.