Gardening Ideas for the Not-So-Green-Thumbed

Gardening Ideas

So you haven’t tried your hand at gardening ever before? Or perhaps, have you tried it a few times and failed to create the perfect haven? Not to worry. By following a few tips and tricks from garden landscaping experts, as given below, you can create a beautiful garden space of your own.

  • Clean up the space – This is the most obvious way to begin setting up and planting a garden of your own. Mow up the entire space, and weed out the surface completely. Rake the yard up during the spring in order to remove the debris that accumulates over autumn and winter. This clean up helps to prepare your space for a lush collection of plants.
  • Prepare the soil – The key to a great garden is good soil. The soil needs to be fed with nutrients in order to prepare it for supporting a plethora of plant life. In order to achieve this, you need to add layers of organic matter to the soil. For established or predesigned soil beds, it is advisable to allow the layer of organic matter, consisting of manure, dried leaves, and compost, to sit on the surface for a few weeks, so that it can work its way into the soil bed. In case you are making do with the naturally available soil surface, you can dig it and let the manure mix fill the gaps.

  • Dig it right –While digging the soil helps roots to get in deeper, too much digging can be disastrous in the long run. Another thing to keep in mind when you are digging the soil is to check if it is of the right consistency. The ideal time to dig in is when the soil is moist enough to ball up loosely in your fist, but dry enough to blow apart when dropped.
  • Pick a style, and stick with it – There are innumerable ideas for gardening available on the internet, and the tough part is that every single one of them looks just as tempting as the other. Also, all of these pages claim that each style is easy to achieve. This can cause a lot of confusion, especially if it’s the first time you’re trying your hand at gardening. To avoid a lot of back-and-forth dilly dallying, pick a style that appeals to your taste, and stick with it for a cycle or two. With time, as you get better at it, you can add your own twists to the garden style, or you can even give your garden a complete makeover.
  • Start small – No matter what anybody says, it is impossible to give your garden a complete, dramatic makeover in a matter of a few days or a few weeks. Great things take time, and a great garden is no exception. The key to get there is to start small, and keep going at a steady pace. Keep a journal to jot down random ideas and epiphanies, and take your time at implementing them one by one, instead of doing it all at once.

Take one step at a time – Do not rush head first into gardening. Make a plan, and perhaps, put together a scrapbook. This gives you a clear mental picture of what you expect from your first experience at gardening. Prioritizing is very important. Otherwise, you could start somewhere, and then get lost along the way.