The Green Roof Dog House Roof!

Dog House

While your busy making all those cool green upgrades in and around your house, don’t forget that your four-legged friends might also want a piece of the action. Well, at least that’s what one company called Sustainable Pet Design believes. They’ve introduced “Green Roof Animal Homes” that ‘smell good, grow plants, attract butterflies, filter water, insulate, and repeal fleas naturally.’

Each home is custom-built and uses only non-toxic materials, including untreated red cedar planks, zero-VOC paint, and beeswax waterproofing. All vegetation for the green roof is native to the region you live in.

Pretty cool idea — and something nice for those that would prefer not to take a hands-on approach. Otherwise, we’re pretty sure creating something similar wouldn’t be too difficult for the novice carpenter inside you. You might even be further encouraged to take that path when you see the starting prices for an extra-small green doghouse are just around $1,000. Want a really cool big one? $6K.

Makes me glad I have a porch for my pooch.