How Your Cowboy Boots Can Contribute To Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

How Your Cowboy Boots Can Contribute To Your Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

As the world’s governments grapple with environmental issues such as global warming, at an individual level, millions of people try their best to have a greener lifestyle by installing solar panels, switching to electric cars, or purchasing only sustainable products and that includes footwear such as women’s western boots.

You might think that the purchase of a pair of cowboy boots made from sustainable sources of leather could not possibly have an impact on some of the larger environmental issues the world faces. On its own, you might be right; however, as opinion shifts and more and more people decide to purchase sustainable cowboy boots and other items of clothing or footwear, then the positive impact becomes greater.

Sustainability is not just about saving natural resources. it also takes us into matters such as how the companies making products such as cowboy boots do so. In other words, what are the manufacturing processes they use, are those processes environmentally friendly, and are the working conditions and practices such that the workers in these companies are well treated and paid a fair wage?

In the case of cowboy boots, much attention regarding sustainable manufacturing focuses on Mexico. Mexico has a long tradition of manufacturing high-quality cowboy boots, and recently that has extended to Mexico being known for sustainable cowboy boots manufacturing. Examples of this include leathers coming only from cattle that die naturally, which does not even include the hides of cattle reared and slaughtered for beef products.

The above is why, when searching for cowboy boots, many consumers do not just look at the types, styles, and designs, but research further to ascertain whether the brands or retailers selling those cowboy boots source their products from sustainable manufacturers, such as those in Mexico which we just mentioned.

As well as being aware of how and where products such as cowboy boots are made, there are some other ways in which you can contribute to saving the world’s finite natural resources, and these relate not just to cowboy boots but to other items you wear.

For a start, ask yourself when making purchases, do you really need to buy so many items? One way to answer that question is to take a look inside your wardrobes to see if they are stuffed full of clothes, shoes, and boots. Further, are there items that you know you have not worn for months or even over a year? If so, is it really necessary for you to buy as many new clothes now, and could you instead wear more of the items you already own?

As for the old clothes that do not fit you anymore or are damaged, do not simply throw them away. For intact clothes, how about taking them to a local charity shop, or donating to the local boy scout jumble sale? We are all aware of the need to recycle plastics and paper, but the same applies to clothes.

Our last point concerning purchasing cowboy boots is, regardless of whether you know they are made from a sustainable source or not, it is always better to buy high-quality goods which will last, rather than those which will need replacing quickly. It is a false saving, not just financially to buy cheap, but also environmentally, because one pair of quality cowboy boots that last ten years is better than the five cheap pairs which last two years or so and use five times the resources.