Philips’ 42-inch Eco TV Is Perfect For Your Off-Grid Home


It doesn’t come in green, but Philips’ new 42-inch Eco TV is certainly sporting some earth-friendly credentials.

Announced at CES 2008, this television is packed with power-saving features; something a few of my off-grid friends might find interesting when considering their next (or first) television. From the article,

“Chief among them is the ability to dim the backlight–by up to five times peak brightness–in response to program material, much like the “local dimming” found on Samsung’s LED-based LN-T4681F. Dimming the backlight in darker scenes has the dual benefit of saving power and improving black-level performance, according to the company. The backlight can also be dimmed via a room lighting sensor, so in dark rooms it will use less power. There’s also traditional a “power-saving” mode that caps the peak light output.”

According to the company, when all of these features are enabled the television consumes only 75 watts of power. Philips used a Kill-A-Watt device hooked to the LCD to show journalists it wasn’t just blowing green PR smoke.  That’s a pretty awesome number when you consider most Americans probably have single light-bulbs that consume more power than this thing.

Additional green features include an excellent stand-by power less than 0.15 watt, lead-free materials in the build, and a recycled box to hold it all during delivery to your home. It helps as well that this television has the looks to appeal to a wide range of consumers. Eco Yuppies — rejoice!

via cnet