Solar Panels and Colorbond Roofing

With solar panels becoming ever more popular in Australia, anyone with Colorbond roofing or who is thinking about getting one will want to know whether it is okay to put solar panels up on such a roof. The simple answer is yes, but there are certain things you should be aware of before you start.

For a start, only allow a professional tradesman to do the work – and make sure they have a good reputation. Unfortunately, there are professionals whose work is nothing short of shoddy and who just want to get the job done quickly and go – after getting paid, of course. Choose someone who is proud of their standard of work and cares about doing the job properly.

When walking on any roof, but particularly on Colorbond, you should wear shoes with soft soles that will not scratch the surface of the paint. In addition, it is important to tread only on the top of the corrugations, never in the bottom part, especially if you have chosen a profile with a wide pan or valley.  The top curve is the strongest part. It is also wise to only tread where the steel sheeting is supported by the timber frame underneath.

When Solar-Installation-Guide, they should be high enough above the roof surface that leaves and other debris can easily slide under them into the guttering rather than getting caught there and backing up. If this happens moisture will remain there and the leaves will rot, making a place where moss or mildew can grow.

When the frame is screwed to the roof the screws will go through the Colorbond into the timber rafters underneath. The screws should go in at the same angle that the roof has, otherwise the rubber washers will not seal properly and leaks are likely to occur. In addition, if screws have to be taken out and replaced for any reason, it is important to use the next size up so that they get a firm grip on the timber. Using the same size screw can mean a loose connection.

Screws should also be placed on the highest point of the sheets. The screws that have been used to secure the sheets should not be taken out and used on the frame of the solar panels. If this cannot be avoided, be sure larger screws are used for the above reason. These screws now have an additional job to do, so they must be strong enough.

Ask the installer to check the roofing screws that will be under the solar panels and if any show a sign of rust, replace them. Otherwise the solar panels will need to be removed to access them at some later point in time.

Once these small details are taken note of, there should be no problems with solar panels on your Colorbond roof.