Creating “green” office spaces is becoming an increasingly popular discussion topic, ad for good reason. Green offices offer a great way to reduce your and your business’s carbon footprint and associated environmental impact.

I’ve worked with a range of different businesses over the years, but I’ll always remember the first day a digital marketing agency asked me for advice on going green in their office. I mean, this sort of business isn’t exactly known for their environmentally-harmful practices.

But, with a bit of digging, I soon found out that there was still a huge number of benefits associated with going green, even in a traditional office setting. In this article, I’ve outlined a few of these benefits.

Get Cleaner Are and Become More Productive

For starters, implementing eco-friendly office practices will help clean your air, which can have a great range of positive impacts. Consider eliminating the use of toxic cleaning products and other chemicals, adding a few indoor plants and even opening the windows rather than using a heating/cooling on nice days.

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