Why Should We Go Green in the Office?

Creating “green” office spaces is becoming an increasingly popular discussion topic, ad for good reason. Green offices offer a great way to reduce your and your business’s carbon footprint and associated environmental impact.

I’ve worked with a range of different businesses over the years, but I’ll always remember the first day a digital marketing agency asked me for advice on going green in their office. I mean, this sort of business isn’t exactly known for their environmentally-harmful practices.

But, with a bit of digging, I soon found out that there was still a huge number of benefits associated with going green, even in a traditional office setting. In this article, I’ve outlined a few of these benefits.

Get Cleaner Are and Become More Productive

For starters, implementing eco-friendly office practices will help clean your air, which can have a great range of positive impacts. Consider eliminating the use of toxic cleaning products and other chemicals, adding a few indoor plants and even opening the windows rather than using a heating/cooling on nice days.

Although most people don’t realise it, cleaner air tends to lead to higher productivity. Employees’ skin, lungs and eyes won’t be inflamed or irritated by chemicals, and cleaner air naturally leads to increased happiness. And if people are happier at work, they tend to be more productive. Makes sense, right?

People Appreciate Businesses That Make an Effort

In the modern world, making an active effort to reduce your environmental impact and become more sustainable is generally very well accepted. In fact, I’d even recommend adding a small section to your business website outlining your commitment to running a sustainable business and reducing your negative impact on our planet. Many businesses see increased traffic because of this.

Going Green Can Actually Save Money!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? I mean, who wouldn’t want to save money AND reduce their environmental footprint?

When you actually start thinking about it, it should become immediately obvious why going green can save you money. For example, you won’t be spending as much on expensive chemicals and cleaning products, electricity and water consumption should go down and you will save money on things like paper and single-use items.

Green Office Policies Generally Allow Increased Flexibility

Many office managers include flexible work options within their green office policies. A few examples of what I mean here include:

  • Allowing telecommuting a few times a week if it’s a feasible option.
  • Encouraging green transport options, such as cycling.
  • Providing flexible work hours so people can work when it suits them.

Employees who get to choose their own work hours will generally be more productive and more likely to support your transition to a greener office.

Going Green Isn’t Hard!

The take-home message here should be that every single office can take some steps to improve their sustainability, regardless of industry or size. Going green doesn’t have to be difficult, and there’s absolutely no pressure to make a suite of changes overnight. Take things slowly and work on a step by step basis.

Good luck!