With the rise of digital technology and our increasing reliance on computers and other devices, our reliance and consumption of electricity has skyrocketed. Everyone from sign-writers and retail stores to SEO agencies and accountants use some form of modern technology and therefore consume a significant amount of electricity.

However, power generation is a significant contributor to climate change and the destruction of our planet, so it’s important to take steps to minimise consumption wherever possible. In the rest of this article, I’ve looked at a few of my favourite ways to save power in the office – and don’t worry, they aren’t too hard!

Ensure Everything Is Switched Off at Night

The first and arguably easiest thing to do is to ensure everything is turned off or powered down at night when you leave the office. A huge percentage of office buildings leave their lights turned on 24/7, and this simply isn’t necessary at non-working hours, installing CCTV will work as great security and double as making sure everything else is being turned on at night.

I’d recommend implementing some sort of green office policy that outlines end of day procedures. Make sure your employees know that they should be turning the lights out and shutting their computers down before they leave for the day.

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