2.3 Acres Of Green Roof Installed On Top Of Mall

Green Roof

The largest modular green roof ever installed, a beautiful 2.3 acres, is now happily growing atop the new “Court at Upper Providence” shopping center in Pennsylvania. The project was created using GreenGrid modules; which are made with recycled plastic and contain small but hardy plants like sedums. From the release,

Project developers were committed to using a green roof system to minimize the stormwater runoff and associated impacts on the surrounding watershed from these buildings. Occupants will also benefit from potential energy savings during hot summer months when the GreenGrid® system keeps the roof cooler than exposed roof surface. “We believe the benefits of adding a green roof to this large a project far outweighs the additional costs. We are not speaking of economic benefits, but of environmental benefits to our county: reducing stormwater runoff from the site, adding plant life and their beneficial air quality impact, and reducing the energy used by the retailers,” added Fred Levin, of The Highland Development Group, Ltd.

Damn. First the CIA gets a green roof and now a shopping mall? Would you even believe these developments a few years ago? So cool to see green building becoming a part of everyday projects across America. Rockin’.