Monsanto Releases Another Genetically Engineered Beast on The Earth


A news story today discusses Monsanto and how they have obtained approval to release a genetically engineered sugar beet onto the market. You’ll be shocked to hear that the beet has been modified to live when Roundup is sprayed on it.

From the article:

“The law requires the government to take a hard look at the impact that deregulating Roundup Ready sugar beets will have on human health, agriculture and the environment,” said Greg Loarie, an attorney at the Earthjustice law firm, which is helping represent the plaintiffs. “The government cannot simply ignore the fact that deregulation will harm organic farmers and consumers, and exacerbate the growing epidemic of herbicide-resistant weeds.”

I’d like to know who the hell is approving these things? How can they sleep at night? The article says that Monsanto tried to do this with Alfalfa recently too, and I remember a story I read about Canadian flax (I believe) that got infected with Monsanto’s patented genes and the farmer was sued for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It’s amazing what these people will do. I feel like anyone who tries to fight against these people is fighting a constant battle of good vs. evil.

Thanks to Bob for the heads up!