The Best Ways to Make Moving More Eco-Friendly

Moving More Eco-Friendly

Unfortunately, moving house or moving your office can result in a lot of rubbish, with single-use packing materials and unwanted items often finding their way to the local tip. Professionals from Brilliance Removalists Melbourne will help reduce the waste associated with your move, but there’s plenty more you can do.

Office Relocations Perth has recommended this list of the top things you can do to make moving more eco-friendly. They include:

  1. Spend Some Time Decluttering Your Home

One of the keys to reducing waste during the moving process is decluttering your home in the weeks leading up to your big day. If you’ve been living in the same house for some time, the chances are that you’ve probably accumulated a fair amount of stuff that you don’t need or want to take with you.

Rather than sending this stuff directly to the tip, please spend some time sorting it out and putting any useful, working items aside. Then, you could:

  • Sell them online for a little extra income.
  • Sell or give them away via social media.
  • Donate them to your local charity shop.
  • Give them to friends or family members.

There’s no reason to and no excuse for throwing perfect items in the trash – so don’t do it!

  1. Pack With What You Have Where Possible

Packaging with whatever you have, wherever possible, is also a great idea. Rather than purchasing stupid amounts of packing boxes, tape and bubble wrap, consider consolidating your items using what you already have around the home. Consider:

  • I use suitcases, bags and plastic crates to pack as many items as possible.
  • I am using things like clothes and towels to pack boxes.
  • They are not placing everything in a box. Large items can often be moved as they are.

Although you will still need some packing materials, you can significantly reduce the amount by following this simple suggestion.

  1. Use Second-Hand Packing Materials

Finally, we always recommend using second-hand packing materials wherever possible. You can usually pick up old boxes and bubble wrap from other people who have just moved house and who don’t want to throw their packing in the rubbish.

Consider placing an ad on social media or a website like Gumtree asking for old packing materials. Alternatively, ask around your friends and family – you might be surprised by the things some people store in the back of their shed.


Although moving house will inevitably result in some waste, you can make your move more eco-friendly by reducing and reusing it wherever possible. The above tips should guide you along the right path if you’re looking for ideas about reducing your environmental impact during removal.

Alternatively, you could call us at Brilliance Removalists and let us take care of things for you. Our highly experienced team understands the importance of reducing waste where possible, and we can help you carry out your dream eco-friendly move.